Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

My Family wants to get our car loaded in our presence. Is that possible?
Yes, Success Relocations value the client and his expensive belongings. We have the needed vehicle carrier which can load the car in your presence at your home and similarly can deliver the same at your new home.

Can you hold the consignment at a destination for a week, if so what are the prices.?
Yes, we can do this. The inspecting officer will address the questions.

I am worried about my perishable food – items. How Success Relocations is going to handle and maintain the same?
Success Relocations advice the clients not to shift fast-perishable and food-items such as Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Ghee, Pickles etc. as these may spoil your other valuable items.

In case there is damage to the goods under transit, what kinds of settlement/procedures are followed by Success Relocations?
Success Relocations use all safety measures to avoid any kind of damage to your goods. However, in case of any unpredictable mishap, we ensure our client speedy settlement of their claims from the insurance company with whom we have long association and understanding.